Official Tax Maps of the Town of Stoddard

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Below are the Official Tax Maps of the Town of Stoddard as Acrobat PDF files. The maps were prepared by Cartographic Associates of Littleton, NH. The maps are official as of April 2009.

It is important to note that these maps are for tax assessment purposes only. They are not valid for legal descriptions nor for conveyance.

To locate maps of relevance to you, first go to the Index Map to determine the number of the area that interests you, and then click on the number of that area in the separate tax maps listed below. For example, by accessing the Index Map you will find that the Stoddard Town Hall is in area #128. Find this map by clicking on number S128 in the list below to see the map for the Town Hall.

Click here to access the Index Map.

Click here if you wish to see a map of the entire Town of Stoddard.