Voter Registration

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You may register to vote at the town clerk's office, or when the Supervisors of the Checklist meet as posted, or on election day. Supervisors of the Checklist hold publicized voter registration sessions before an election. Registrants must provide proof of citizenship, proof of age, and proof of domicile in Stoddard. Proof of citizenship can in in the form of a birth certificate, driver's licence, passport, service discharge papers, naturalization papers, or a voter registration card from the town in which you previously registered. Proof of residency is a tax bill, electric bill, or a phone bill. For more information about registering to vote click here.

Statewide Voting Registration

Due to the implementation of computerized statewide registration and validating procedures there is a new voter registration form to be completed by all who wish to register to vote. All registered voters are now linked into the statewide system. The supervisors have attended several courses to learn the new system but as with all things new there is a learning curve. Please be patient with the supervisors as they find their way through these new procedures.