BOT Meeting Minutes August 2016

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Davis Public Board of Trustees, Stoddard, NH 03464


August 19, 2016


Meeting Minutes


Call to Order:  8:04 a.m.


Roll Call:  Geri Bailey-Chair, Donna Hamilton-Treasurer, Lauren Rettig-Library Director, and Ginger Saleski- Alternate and Acting Secretary


Approval of Secretary's minutes of prior meeting, read and approved.


Correspondence: No new correspondence received. Letter of thanks sent to FOL for their support throughout the year.


Treasurer: Donna reported the balance of checking account: $867.40 and Savings account: $8,621.68


Library Director: In July there were 413 patrons, items - 353, Computer Usage - 91, New Patrons - 7, Magazines - 8, Museum Passes - 5, Ill – 6, NHDB – 61. 


8/19 End of summer reading party – children receive prizes and having mini golf in the children's room.

8/20 at 3p.m. Hike at Pitcher Mountain with the Marlow Library.

9/10  at 3p.m. Mushroom foraging with Marlow Library being led by Justin Garner.


CIP Projects:


1.Paving – Scheduled to be done soon.  Geri to talk to contractor about the placing of handicap sign, curbing, shed access and line painting.

2.Window Replacement – Done. 2 screens need to be repaired or replaced. Installer handling. Also there are several more in the addition that also are damaged.  Lauren will contact Ingram about the repair.

3.Landscaping – Will look at additional planting in the Fall when the grass is not so fragile and when the gazebo and children's garden are in place. Will look for a landscape designer to help with planning the remaining areas for planting.

4.Walkways to back door and gazebo are in but waiting until gazebo is there to do the finish ends of walkways.


Old or unfinished business:


2015-16 USDA Grant

1.Panic Alarm – Town agreed to pay monitoring system until next fiscal year. Will need to be placed into next year’s library budget.

2.Gazebo and furniture – Gazebo should be arriving any day now.  Lauren showed an example of the type of furniture she would like in the gazebo.

3.Water: Is ongoing and the grass is looking great.  The areas that had to be disturbed for the walkways are reseeded, however we don't want to water until the water problem is corrected so the water doesn't discolor the pavers.  Will contend with later this Fall. 

4.Water testing is still being looked into but on hold until lawn watering is done to allow the well to settle down.  Lauren says there might be $2,400 from the USDA grant that we can use for a filtration system if needed.

5.Seepage of glue on granite post.

6.Failed lighting to be corrected in late August. Lauren to contact Hamblet.

7.Cleaning of siding stained by bad water. Repair of bottom board on back of library

8.Location of a shed location and access to such a shed.

9.Speak to Jim about on going problem of knotweed and creating a permanent plan.

10.Trustee position vacancy – Names were mentioned and Geri and Ginger volunteered to call people in regards to position.


New Business:


1.Voted to give back to the Director the responsibility of keeping track of hours worked and assuring the hours needed to the end of the fiscal year are there.

2.Voted to have Lauren be the liaison to the FOL meetings instead of a trustee since Lauren is present at meetings and a trustee cannot make a decision for the library until the board passes it. If this is not acceptable and doesn't seem to workout we will put a trustee back on at their request.


Next meeting date: September 20, 2016 at 8:00a.m.


Meeting adjourned at   9:50 AM


Respectfully submitted, Ginger Saleski, Acting Secretary.