Celebrate Stoddard 250

Celebrate Stoddard 250 is a community initiative dedicated to bringing together the residents of Stoddard, both permanent and summer, to celebrate the town's 250th anniversary year. Our goal is to foster community engagement and appreciation while showcasing the rich history and bright future of Stoddard.  Get Involved! For information, to give us feedback, and volunteer, check out our Website https://CelebrateStoddard250.org

Right now we are particularly looking for leaders who have the skills, interest, and time to head up the following activities:

Editor/PR - Writes regular newsletter, media releases and whatever else is needed

Social Media Coordinator - Manages and creates content for Instagram and Tiktok

Street Banners – figure out where they should go and arrange for installation no later than Jan 2024

Kickoff event Jan 2024—conceives, plans and organizes an event to start off the celebration

2024 Winter event--Conceives, plans and organizes an outdoor event

2024 Town Clean up Day coordinator—works with the state and finds volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator – Keeps a list to match volunteer interests with needs; keeps in touchwith volunteers, solicits help as needed

Board Members

Name Title
Carol Clark Chair
Ruth Medlock Treasurer