re: Community Preparedness

To all Stoddard Residents,

The town of Stoddard is working with the fire department to ensure the safety for all during these times, helping to control the spread of Covid19 in our community. We all know it is a matter of time before this effects us in some way. As the town prepares to deal with the situation that is changing day by day, we want to be able to respond to those who may have been exposed and are in self-quarantine.

The Stoddard fire department and the town of Stoddard officials/employees are bound by HIPAA laws not to disclose who has the virus. With this being said, if you need supplies AND are quarantined, then your name, address, and medical status will be protected. We want you to be safe, your neighbors to be safe, and most importantly, we want you to recover fully so you can return to the community.

If you require supplies due to being home bound please follow this protocol

Call the Selectman’s office during business hours: 446-3326 Monday: 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm Wednesday & Thursday: 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. Do not attempt to go to the selectman’s office in person.

State your name, address, medical condition, and what supplies you need. We will provide Gatorade-regular and sugar free, bottled water, and other basic needs. More comprehensive needs may require more time. If extensive supplies are needed, we will coordinate with other state resources to get what you need. Again, it may take some time. We will give out immediate supplies ASAP.

When a package is prepared, we will call you and give you a delivery time. You need to specify what door or entrance you wish these supplies to be dropped off. Make sure the doorways are not blocked.

We cannot deliver it to the inside of your home. We will drop it off at the area you have disclosed. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR OR GREET THE SUPPLIER. Please stay inside until they leave. Then you are free to open the door and get your supplies.

This service is only applying to those who are quarantined and are required to shelter in place. If you are healthy and able bodied, please leave the supplies to those who cannot get out.

Thank you for your patience, your compassion, and understanding. We will get through this. We are committed to getting our great community through these times.

Take care and stay healthy.

The Stoddard Board of Selectmen.