Supervisors of the Voter Checklist

The Supervisors of the Checklist maintain and ensure the accuracy of the voter checklist for all local, state, and national elections.

The term of office of the Supervisors is for six year which begin with the date of the May Town Meeting.

How to Register to Vote in Soddard, NH

You may register to vote with the town clerk at the town hall during regular business hours, Tuesday and Thursday 11AM – 6PM, at a supervisor of the checklist public session, or on election day. The Supervisors of the Checklist shall be in session on a day designated by the supervisors 6 to 13 days prior to any election. After this sesion registration will be closed until Election Day. Notice of supervisor's public sessions will be posted at the Town Hall, Town Office, the town website, and the town of Stoddard, NH resident Facebook page. 

A person must meet the following to register and vote in New Hampshire

  • 18 Years of age or older on election day
  • A United States Citizen
  • Domiciled in the town or ward where the person seeks to vote

You need to provide proof of your identity, age, citizenship, and domicile to register. Proof can be either by documents or by affidavit if you do not have documents with you. You may present documents in paper or electronic form.

Proof of Identity and AgeProof of CitizenshipProof of Domicile
  • Driver’s license from any State
  • Non-driver ID from any State
  • Birth Certificate
  • U.S. Passport/Passcard
  • Naturalization document

A New Hampshire Real ID is NOT proof of citizenship

Documents must identify your name and your current street address (where you are domiciled, not a PO Box). 

Many types of documents fill this  requirement. The following documents are examples of acceptable proof of domicile. You need only one document.

  • NH driver’s license with current domicile address
  • NH ID Card with current domicile address
  • NH resident vehicle registration
  • A rental agreement or lease
  • A document showing that you own the place you claim as domicile, such as a deed, property tax bill.
  • A document showing that you enrolled a dependent minor child in the Stoddard public school
  • Any state or federal tax form, other government form, or government issued identification.
  • Canceled mail addressed in your name to your domicile address that shows the U.S. Postal Service delivered the mail to you at that address.
  •  Any form from the U.S. Post Office showing your name and the physical address where you are domiciled (not a Post Office Box). The confirmation you received by e-mail or U.S. mail when you reported your new address to the Post Office fills the requirement.
  • A public utility bill, such as an electric, telephone, water, gas, or other utility bill.
  • You may also use any other document that shows proof of your intent to make Stoddard your voting domicile.

Important Information

  • The voter checklist closes 10 days prior to any election.  This means no registrations or changes can be accepted until Election Day, at which time you may register in person at the polls. Check with the Town Clerk's Office for exact date and time. 
  • Once the filing period for any primary opens, no party changes can be accepted until after that primary election.  For a state primary the filing period runs from the first Wednesday in June until after the state primary election in September. The filing period for the presidential primary fluctuates depending on the date set by New Hampshire’s Secretary of State. 
  • Once you are registered, your name remains on the Stoddard checklist for all town, state, federal and school district elections.  Only a photo I.D. is needed for voting once registered.  If you move to another New Hampshire town, you must register to vote there.
  • New Hampshire election laws change rather frequently.  For further information about voter registration requirements, election dates, and registration deadlines, visit the NH Secretary of State’s website at