Stoddard Rocks - Pioneer Lake Conservation Area

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In 2012, The Stoddard Rocks-Pioneer Lake Conservation area was donated to the Town of Stoddard by the Sweet Water Trust. This gift in part was made possible by a unanimous decision at the May 2011 Town Meeting to provide $10,000 to the conservation effort and to  assume ownership of the property.

Once threatened by development and posted against trespassing, Stoddard Rocks and the surrounding lands are now open to the public for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and wildlife observation.

Highlights of Stoddard's Rocks:

  • 731-acres (110 acres of wetlands and ponds; 621 acres of forests);
  • Stoddard Rocks~a hilltop scattered with huge glacial boulders;
  • 50-acre Pioneer Lake with 2 miles of undeveloped shoreline and nesting loon habitat;
  • 5+ Miles of woods roads & trails;
  • "Forever Wild" conservation easement held by SPNHF, the purpose of which is to preserve the Ecological Integrity and wild character of the land. It strives to minimize human intervention and prohibits buildings, subdivisions, trapping, motorized vehicles, and commercial logging;
  • Part of a 13,000 acre block of abutting protected lands.

Stoddard Rocks

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