Transfer Station Policies

Town of Stoddard
  1. The Stoddard Transfer Station is available for use to property tax payers and renters of the Town of Stoddard only.
  2. A current Transfer Station sticker must be displayed at all times for use. Renters must obtain a current sticker from their landlord. Only two (2) stickers will be issued for each household. Transfer station stickers are available at the town offices.
  3. All materials must be deposited in the appropriate containers only. Any questions should be directed to the on-site attendant. The attendant has been placed in control of the facility by the Town of Stoddard and your full cooperation is expected.
  4. Hazardous materials cannot be accepted at the Stoddard Transfer Station and must be deposited at facilities authorized to receive such materials, the closest location is in Keene, NH at the Keene Transfer Station on Route 12 North. Materials accepted and specific dates and times are available by calling the Keene Transfer @ 352-5739.
  5. Construction & Demolition debris will be accepted at the Stoddard Transfer Station, however it is limited to one 1/2 Ton Pickup truck per week. Residents who have larger needs are encouraged to us a commercial hauler service of your choice and arrange for this service privately.
  6. Car and small truck tires are limited to not more than two (2) per week and must be off the rim.
  7. For safety reasons, all persons must exit the Transfer Station immediately after depositing materials. At no time will there be anyone, other than the attendant, in any of the general areas or buildings.
  8. Commercially generated waste is not accepted in any form.