Community Planning Ordinance Document and Amendments

This section contains the Community Planning Ordinance and a record of Amendments.

Community Planning Ordinance 2018   The CPO will be updated in the near future to reflect the amendments passed in May 2024 (see below).  Please read the amendments passed in May 2024 (below) if they apply to your situation

Record of Amendments:

Amendments May 14, 2024

Accessory Dwelling Units: ADU Article 3, Section 3E to clarify the section on Accessory Dwelling Units and apply the ordinance to both new construction as well as the conversion of existing structures.  Full text: ADU Changes as Approved May 14 2024

Non-Conforming Lots: Article VI - Non-Conforming Lots to remove subparagraphs 1 through 6 and reorganize the article and no longer require the merger of nonconforming lots.  Full Text: Non Conforming Lots as Approved May 14 2024

Signs Permitted as Special Exception: Article XIV, Section V, allow signs in any district with a special exception by the ZBA. Full Text: Signs Exception Amendment as Approved May 14 2024

Amendments May 2018

Town Of Stoddard Planning Board Warrant Article 03-05-2018    (Please note that the ADU Ordinance Amendment was incorrectly updated to the CPO and the correct language as passed at the Town meeting can be found here)