Town Clerk & Tax Collector's Office

The Town Clerk accepts online, mail-in, and in-person payments including:  motor vehicle registrations (decals and plates), boat registrations and renewals, dog licencesvital records (town genealogy, etc.)voter registrationsmarriage licensestransfer station stickers and dock and wetland permits.  

For in-person and mail-in transactions, please pay by check or cash. Plan to have 2 checks with you (one for the Town and the other for the State)Credit/Debit cards are not accepted at this time.

When renewing your vehicle registration by mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope at least 9 1/2" by 4" in size to accommodate your registration and any additional paperwork.  If you need additional information, please email the Town Clerk at

The Town Clerk is also the Secretary of the Annual Town Meeting and maintains a copy of the minutes of Town Meeting in the office.

The Town Clerk is the keeper of the ballots on election day.  The Town Clerk is responsible for ensuring that the ALL ballots are sealed properly and stored in a secured area indefinitely.  At the end of State election days, the Town Clerk is responsible for arranging delivery of voter tallies to the proper State election officials.

The Town Clerk is also the Tax Collector and accepts payments by check or cash.

The Town Clerk/Tax Collector and Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector are notaries public.

The Town Clerk/Tax Collector's position is for a term of three years from the date of the May Town Meeting.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Karen Bell Town Clerk/Tax Collector (2026) 603-446-3326 ext 1
Nancy McNeal Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector 603-446-3326
Debbie McGerty Assistant Town Clerk/Tax Collector (603) 446-3326, Ext. 107
Patty Marotta Assistant Town Clerk/Tax Collector (603) 446-3326