Little Big Forest Stewardship Committee

The Little Big Forest Stewardship Committee has an advisory role and exists to assist the Conservation Commission in the protection, conservation, and management of the Little Big Forest. The Stewardship Committee focuses its efforts on briefing the public about the attributes and potential uses of the Little Big Forest, and gleaning information from the public about desired uses and proposed management provisions.  One of the primary activities of the Stewardship Committee is to support the Conservation Commission in its efforts to promote community involvement in the development and implementation of the management plan for the Little Big Forest.

The committee includes a representatives from the Board of Selectmen, the Conservation Commission, the James Faulkner Elementary School, townspeople with an interest in forest conservation, and representatives of communities living in close proximity to the forest.   

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Winterbottom Chair (2025)
Tim Rowehl Vice Chair (2025)
Terri LaRoche Secretary (2025)
Jaelynn Stetson Conservation Commission Liaison (2025)
Maggie Forrestall James Faulkner Elementary School Liaison
Jason Kovarik Conservation Commission Liaison (2025)
Geoffrey Jones Conservation Commission Liaison (2025)
Milosh Bukovcan Friends of the Davis Library Liaison (2025)
Peyton Allain JFES Student Leader
Charlotte Miller JFES Student Leader
Jaxon Leonard JFES Student Leader
Rebecca Meyer JFES Student Leader
Cooper Mullahy JFES Student Leader