Fire Warden

Burn Permits are required by law for any type of outdoor fire!

Seasonal permits are available and expire 12/31.
These permits require renewal each year.

The Forest Fire Warden & Deputy Wardens handle all matters dealing with forest fire danger in Stoddard. The only fires that do not require a burn permit are gas and charcoal grills, and wood-type stoves that are fully enclosed with a stack and a spark arrestor. Rubbish and trash cannot be burned. It can only be disposed of at the Stoddard Transfer Station.

All new fire permits require an inspection from the warden or a deputy warden so if you purchased one online, please call to schedule an inspection.

Once you have a fire pit in place, please contact a warden for a permit or you can purchase one online by clicking here. The cost is $5.50 and the website will give you valuable information about New Hampshire laws and regulations.

You can purchase a seasonal permit which is good until 12/31 and then needs to be renewed 1/1. Or, you can have a permit for a specific day that you want to burn. If you want to burn a brush pile you must contact the warden or deputy wardens as these are NOT available online for purchase.

Please plan in advance to obtain your burn permit. The fire wardens may not be available on the same day that you wish to burn your brush or kindling.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Trevor Anderson Deputy Warden (603) 732-8033
Jenn Merrill Fire Warden (603) 381-0805
Wally Weaver Deputy Warden (603) 446-7051
Alan Merrill Deputy Warden (603) 313-7425
Josh Howard Deputy Warden (603) 304-5771
Paul Bourassa Deputy Warden (603) 305-3419